Wyvern Markets Audits Directly To Operators

 - November 13, 2006, 6:35 AM

After 15 years of auditing charter operators only at the behest of the companies or individuals who hire them, Wyvern Consulting, on Tuesday, announced that Part 135 operators can now request audits of their own operations. “It’s about time we did so,” Wyvern founder and president Walter Lamon told AIN. “It is time to grow.” Seeking audit business directly from Part 135 operators represents a significant change in marketing strategy for the Palmyra, N.J. company. A group of large corporate flight departments organized in 1991 to form the advisory board that developed the Wyvern audit standards, and they had the collective power to affect audited Part 135 operators’ reputations by granting or withholding favorable ratings. But the charter business has changed, and now so has Wyvern. “The burden of the measurement, or audit, has shifted from the buyer to the supplier,” said Jim Betlyon, founder and president of online air-taxi facilitator CharterX, which acquired Wyvern in June.