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ATG Javelin adds four firms to its list of suppliers

 - November 14, 2006, 7:07 AM

Aviation Technology Group has added Goodrich Aircraft Interior Products, Kavlico, Moritz and Parker Aerospace to its list of suppliers for its Williams FJ33-powered Javelin business jet and derivatives. Under the terms of the contracts, Goodrich will supply pilot seats, Kavilco the throttle quadrant, Moritz the power distribution system and Parker the hydraulics.

Here in Orlando, ATG founder and chairman George Bye cataloged recent program milestones, including the completion of a preliminary design review, construction of cockpit and wing mockups, transonic wind tunnel testing and initial tooling fabrication to support production of conforming aircraft.

Not meant for FAA testing, the only Javelin in existence serves as the antecedent for five conforming prototypes planned for the year-long flight test regime. The company expects to finish building the first by the end of next year, followed by one per month over the subsequent four months. It plans to gain FAA type certification by the end of 2008.

ATG engineers recently finished another 117 hours of transonic wind tunnel testing in Buffalo, N.Y. The testing–conducted on a 15-percent scale model at speeds between Mach 0.5 and 1.1–included 180 pressure taps, hinge moment strain gauges on the leading edge flap and yaw damper and buffet strain gauges on the horizontal and vertical tails.

ATG redesigned the wing of the Javelin with the help of partner Israel Aircraft Industries to lower its stall speed. Tests show that the new 149-sq-ft wing allowed for a reduction in stall speed to 90 knots at 50 percent fuel and a single pilot.