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FlightView tracker offers instant alerts about changes

 - November 14, 2006, 5:44 AM

Boston-based FlightView Software has released a flight-tracking product that instantly notifies users of changes in flight operations such as delays, diversions or early arrivals.

Called Flight Notification, the software automatically alerts customers to status changes, eliminating the need to check on each flight individually. Automatic notification of an early or late flight arrival or diversion saves time and increases efficiency because it allows users to make alternate arrangements early, before a logistical problem develops.

An international ground transportation company with multiple locations has already started using the new software, which, according to RLM Software subsidiary FlightView, will help it more efficiently manage its fleet of cars.

Flight Notification exchanges information between FlightView and the customer via Microsoft.NET Web services. The customer loads the list of flights he or she wants to track in advance and FlightView outputs its proprietary XML data via an FTP server as changes occur. Customers can add or delete flights in their databases whenever they want.