NBAA Convention News

Jepp enhances data for SVS, TAWS

 - November 14, 2006, 7:32 AM

Jeppesen announced three new products at a press conference here Tuesday–a terrain database, a training system and an onsite trip planning service.

Over the last three years, Jeppesen said it has made significant investment in improving terrain data for synthetic-vision systems (SVS) and terrain awareness and warning systems (TAWS), providing more complete and higher resolution data. The new Jeppesen Terrain Database provides nearly photo quality and detail (three arc-second or 90 meter resolution), the company said, for the latitudes between 60 degrees north and 60 degrees south. The product is based on shuttle radar topography missions (SRTM), but Jeppesen uses many other sources of information to fill voids that exist in the SRTM data. It uses a proprietary process to create minimum altitude terrain buffers based on a terrain classification, source and proximity of terrain to an airport, allowing a much finer and more accurate picture of minimum safe altitudes, the company said.

The Jeppesen Terrain Database will be incorporated into Jeppesen’s electronic chart and flight-planning products and will also be offered to avionics manufacturers.

Mike Abbott, Jeppesen’s director of Internet business services, detailed a new way of training, a Web-based system that can be tailored to suit individual crew and company training needs. He noted that among the training issues business aviation is concerned about are increasing efficiency, maximizing asset utilization, maintaining currency and controlling cost.

The new Jeppesen Flight Crew Training consists of seven modules, with 24 lessons and 61 topics. The package includes annual update for new and revised content and offers two tiers of content. Tier I, which costs $449 for each pilot for a year, contains all training content, while Tier II, which costs $499 for each pilot for a year, includes everything in Tier I, plus a customized look and feel. The company logo can be included, and the administrative functions can manage non-Jeppesen flight crew training as well.

Lessons are interactive and include pretest questions so users can review their progress. The program can be employed to determine what the student user already knows so his training can be built around what is needed. Different curriculums can be assigned to different users and the program allows the company administrator to keep track of each user’s history and currency.

Jeppesen also announced that it will place an on-site international trip planning service at charter operator Club328’s Southampton International Airport, UK location. The on-site service maximizes efficiency, said Jeppesen, by streamlining route and itinerary planning, landing and overflight permits, ground handling and fuel arrangements and so forth. The flagship of Club 328’s operation is the Dornier 328 and it operates a wide range of bizjets. Jeppesen currently provides on-site service for NetJets and Bombardier Flexjet.