NBAA Convention News

Universal celebrates 25 years

 - November 14, 2006, 8:18 AM

Universal Avionics invites NBAA attendees to help celebrate its 25th anniversary by greeting staff and assessing its new Vision-1 cockpit at Booth No. 235.

“Since 1981, we’re proud to do our part to increase the safety of flight by developing equipment to modernize flight desks,” said J.L. (Ted) Naimer, president and CEO. “Orlando is the perfect place to celebrate our 25th year in the aviation community, among the people who helped us make it happen.”

Universal Avionics introduced the first flight management system in 1982 and it has sold 16,000 units. In June 2006, the company certified its latest industry-first to both FAR 23 and 25–the Vision-1 synthetic-vision system. Vision-1 provides an Egocentric–that is, pilot-view–maintaining a standard PFD symbology overlaid on a 3-D rendering of the coming terrain, displayed in real time and oriented
to aircraft attitude, vertical and lateral position.