Caravan Safety Course Posted Online

 - November 15, 2006, 11:27 AM

Cessna’s Web site now offers a Caravan cold-weather operations course, a series of five self-paced training modules, taking an estimated two to three hours to complete. After a user submits the online exams, Cessna issues a certificate of completion. This training is expected to become mandatory within the next few months for pilots operating the Caravan in icing conditions. The training course and the mandate to require pilots to take the course follow a number of serious accidents of Caravans while operating in icing conditions in the air and on the ground. Cessna will also continue to offer its free safety awareness program for Caravan operators throughout cities in North America. All companies attending will be given a free safety awareness video and CD to incorporate into additional training programs. Also, NASA icing information materials will be provided to each participant. Meanwhile, since mid-2004, when the FAA mandated icing training in the MU-2 (via AD 2003-22-07), there have been no MU-2 icing accidents.