Cessna Introduces Citation CJ4, Upgrades XLS

 - November 15, 2006, 10:09 AM

It wouldn’t be an NBAA Convention if Cessna failed to announce a new Citation, and this year it introduced two: the clean-sheet CJ4 and the XLS+ upgrade. First flight of the 11-seat CJ4 is planned for spring 2008, with FAA certification to follow in late 2009. Service entry of the $7.995 million twinjet is expected in spring 2010. As of today, Cessna said it has orders for 70 CJ4s. According to preliminary data, the CJ4 will be able to climb directly to its 43,000-foot ceiling in 28 minutes. Range of the new twinjet is projected at 1,825 nm, while the BFL is expected to be 3,300 feet. Powering the new model will be a pair of 3,400-pound-thrust Williams FJ44-4A turbofans. A new, moderately swept wing will make the CJ4 the fastest of the CJs with a top cruise speed of 435 ktas, 20 knots faster than the CJ3. The new wing will also have a lift-dump system and hinged flaps. The CJ4 will incorporate single-point refueling, which is a first for the CJ line. The XLS+, to be available in 2008, can be distinguished on the ramp by its more aerodynamic nose contour. Another subtle change is the aircraft’s Pratt & Whitney Canada PW545C, which is a FADEC version of the XL/XLS’s PW545B. But the most dramatic changes to the twinjet are on the inside. The passenger compartment has been refined and the flight deck, likewise, gets a makeover.