New GE/Honda Engine Finds Another Customer

 - November 15, 2006, 10:18 AM

Spanish Fort, Utah-based Spectrum Aeronautical also selected the new GE/Honda HF120 turbofan to power a proposed $6.2 million midsize business jet called the S-40 Freedom. The 2,050-pound-thrust engine is slated for certification in 2009. The S-40’s certification and first deliveries are “targeted for” 2010. Spectrum said it chose the Honda engine because it believes that the engine is more efficient than the Williams International FJ44. The Williams FJ33 was previously selected to power the Spectrum 33 Independence, a very light twinjet also under development. Spectrum describes the composite-fuselage, 10-seat, 10,000-pound-mtow Model S-40 Freedom as a “scaled-up Independence.” Spectrum now says it does not expect the fatal crash of the S-33 prototype last July to affect the timetable for either the S-33 or the S-40. A “company conforming” S-33 is scheduled to fly next August. Separately, Spectrum Aeronautical appointed Interjet Maintenance of South Africa to handle sales and customer support for its new aircraft.