Raytheon Launches Hawker 850XP Derivatives

 - November 15, 2006, 9:43 AM

Raytheon announced a broadening of its Hawker product line by introducing the Hawker 900XP and the Hawker 750, both derivatives of the Hawker 850XP. The models will replace the Hawker 850XP when they begin entering service. The $11.95 million Hawker 750, with certification and deliveries expected to begin in next year’s first quarter, is in essence an 850XP without winglets and minus the ventral fuel tank, omissions that reduce the range to 2,080 nm but allow additional aft-fuselage baggage. One of the first customers for the 750 is NetJets, which ordered 30 of the new jets. The Hawker 900XP will have considerably more changes from the 850XP than the 750. Raytheon says new Honeywell TFE731-50R engines will provide the 900XP with a direct climb to FL410 and 200 additional nautical miles of range, taking six passengers more than 2,800 nm (NBAA IFR). This gives the $13.9 million 900XP one-stop New York-to-Honolulu range. The TFE731-50R was certified this month and is flat-rated from 5,000 pounds of thrust to 4,600 pounds.