Bizav Reported Target of ATC Restrictions in Brazil

 - November 16, 2006, 4:00 AM

According to today’s issue of ASI Group’s “Hot Spots” security newsletter, civil aviation authorities in Brazil will impose temporary restrictions on private flights. “This move is a consequence of the decision on the part of civilian air traffic controllers in Brasilia to increase the mandatory distance between aircraft from five to 10 nautical miles,” ASI Group said. “Media reports indicate that these restrictions will immediately be in effect until further notice between 0730 and 1200 and 1700 and 2000 local time.” Within this timeframe, “Hot Spots” reports“private aircraft will not be allowed to take off, land or fly over the airspace of the cities of Brasilia, Cuiaba, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or Belo Horizonte. These restrictions will be in effect until November 28.” It was unclear at press time if the restrictions are related to the September 29 midair in Brazil between an Embraer Legacy 600 and a GOL Airlines 737.