NTSB Report Shows False Data by MU-2 Pilot

 - November 16, 2006, 5:18 AM

The pilot of a Mitsubishi MU-2 that crashed shortly after takeoff from Portland-Hillsboro (Ore.) Airport in May last year had falsified his records, according to the NTSB's factual report. After the accident, which killed all four aboard, the NTSB found two sets of FAA records, the first for Michael McCartney, whose Social Security number ended in 0866. McCartney had a commercial pilot certificate, issued in 1968, as well as an instrument rating. By 1982 he reported 5,000 hours. After McCartney lost his license in 1985 because of several violations, he applied for a pilot certificate using the name Mychal and changing the last four digits of his Social Security numbers to 0688. In 1987 he obtained a commercial certificate with a multi-engine rating and claimed 1,400 hours. By August 2004 he claimed 17,500 hours. The pilot had logged 11.3 hours in the MU-2 since he purchased it. (The seller had expressed concern about his ability to fly the airplane.) His previous experience with an MU-2 included a gear-up landing in one in 1991. His reported total time in type was about 551 hours, the NTSB said.