Raytheon Seeks FAR Exemptions for Hawker 4000

 - November 16, 2006, 6:10 AM

Raytheon's long and bumpy road toward type certification of the Hawker 4000 has taken another twist. Because of its already lengthy certification process–the FAA recently granted a seven-month extension, to December 31–the Hawker 4000 has to meet certain Part 25 amendments that went into effect in the seven months after the aircraft's May 31, 2001 type certification application date. The super-midsize jet was not originally designed to these amendments. Raytheon has asked the FAA for a two-year exemption to meet fuel-tank ignition prevention rules (FAR 25.981) and a one-year exemption to meet hydraulic system performance rules (FAR 25.1435). The exemptions would provide time to complete analysis and, if required, develop any design changes to the Hawker 4000, in addition to allowing the airplane to be type certified without any further delay. Raytheon Aircraft announced the Hawker 4000 (then the Horizon) at the 1996 NBAA Convention and at that time expected certification in Spring 2001.