Refuse a Drug Test and Lose Your License

 - November 16, 2006, 10:37 AM

The FAA yesterday adopted a 2004 notice of proposed rulemaking amending airman medical standards so that a refusal to submit to a required drug or alcohol test carries the same penalty as failure of a test–revocation or disqualification from holding an airman medical certificate. The same penalty awaits a pilot with an alcohol test result of 0.04 or greater. Further, the FAA proposes to standardize the time period for reporting refusals and certain test results. The new rules also require employers to report pre-employment and return-to-duty test refusals. It also amends the airman medical certification requirements to allow suspension or revocation of airman medical certificates for pre-employment and return-to-duty test refusals. The new rules go into effect July 21. Scheduled and unscheduled drug and alcohol testing is required for pilots operating under Part 135 or 121.