User-fee Issue Makes Front Page of The Wall Street Journal

 - November 17, 2006, 6:36 AM

The verbal sparring over ATC funding and user fees reached the front page of The Wall Street Journal today in a long article, “Why Big Airlines Are Starting a Fight with Business Jets,” that impartially lays out the opposing positions of business aviation and the airlines. Front-page, left-column placement of the story shows the importance the newspaper’s editors place on the issue. Perhaps just as significant, this is the first time (in our collective memory) that an NBAA president’s image–in the form of a hand-drawn “hedcut” stipple portrait–has appeared on the front page of the Journal, an indication of the stature the association has attained and the effectiveness of its lobbying efforts. Ed Bolen’s portrait appears along with that of Jim May, president of the Air Transport Association, the airlines’ chief lobbying group. With the ATC funding issue still unresolved, business aviation supporters can make their opinions known in Congress via the NBAA Grassroots Center.