DOT IG Wants Answers About Runway Incursions

 - November 21, 2006, 10:24 AM

An increase in the number and severity of runway incursions at three major airports has promoted an audit by the DOT inspector general (IG). During the period fiscal year 2005 through April, Boston Logan had 18 incidents (one severe), Chicago O’Hare had 12 incidents (three severe) and Philadelphia had 13 incidents (one involving a collision). “Those were the highest numbers of runway incursions among the nation’s large commercial airports,” the DOT watchdog said. The IG audit, scheduled to start Monday, wants to know what the FAA is doing to “identify and correct the causes” and to “address those issues that could affect safety system-wide.” Despite the incidents cited above, the FAA has made progress in reducing incursions over the past five years. The total number of incursions decreased from a high of 407 in FY 2001 to 327 in FY 2005, and the most serious incidents decreased from 53 to 29, according to the FAA.