Honeywell Introduces ’Enhanced’ Apex Cockpit

 - November 21, 2006, 5:40 AM

Described by some Honeywell engineers as the “son of Primus Epic,” the Phoenix company’s Apex integrated avionics system is undergoing a makeover that aims to make that moniker more appropriate than ever. The enhanced version of Apex now under development for the Grob SPn Utility Jet will feature better integration of TCAS II, weather radar and other functions thanks to greater software processing power. Apex will also more easily include integrated nav charts, dual FMS, EGPWS and an optional enhanced vision system (EVS). Grob plans to certify its light twinjet with an infrared EVS from Kollsman mounted on the top of the nose. Apex features the same operating system as Primus Epic, the baseline avionics in several new business jets, including the Gulfstream G500 and Raytheon Hawker 4000. Development of Apex recently got a boost when several Primus Epic engineers were freed to devote more time to the developmental cockpit.