Part 23 Ten-minute OEI Method Proposed

 - November 21, 2006, 5:07 AM

The FAA released a draft policy that would offer essentially a streamlined way for manufacturers of Part 23 multi-engine turbine airplanes–including very light jets–to apply for a 10-minute standard for one-engine-inoperative conditions. The standard doubles the time for Part 23 airplanes during which the remaining engine can be operated at rated takeoff thrust. Manufacturers have to apply for the 10-minute capability, and each engine and airplane model application needs separate approval. The 10-minute standard was outlined in a policy letter for Part 25 airplanes that was last revised in 1994. For approval of the 10-minute standard, engine manufacturers will have to add a note, including any applicable limitations, in the engine’s type certificate data sheet, operating instructions and installation manual. Cessna told AIN it has already applied for an exemption to use the 10-minute standard on its Citation Mustang VLJ. Comments are due June 30. Fax comments to (781) 238-7199, or by e-mail to