Honduras to GII Owner: Pay Up or Lose It

 - November 22, 2006, 5:25 AM

The owner of a Mexican-registered Gulfstream II (S/N 0-10) that landed at Toncontin International Airport in Honduras February 24 may lose the airplane. The Miami Herald reported that the twinjet, registered as XB-JPL and owned by Mexican banker Mario Alberto Mora, was impounded pending payment of $265,000 in landing fees and parking fines. According to the Herald, the aircraft's registration and insurance expired at midnight after it landed in Honduras. Guillermo Seaman, director general of DGAC (the country's civil aviation authority), isn't sure how much the owner owes. “We do not know anything about the owner,” Seaman told AIN. “No one has been in contact with us. After a while, the aircraft will belong to the Honduran state, if nobody claims it.”