Nav Canada Enacts New and Revised User Fees

 - November 22, 2006, 6:46 AM

A number of changes to service charges have been enacted by Nav Canada, the private corporation that provides the country’s air navigation and ATC services. The changes include a reduction in the weight factor used for the application of the terminal services charge and a related change to the daily charge. This will mean a reduction in the charge for larger aircraft and an increase for smaller aircraft. “The result will be a more equitable balance in the charges between large and small aircraft,” Nav Canada said. “These adjustments typically represent an increase of up to 54 cents per flight for smaller aircraft, and a reduction of about one dollar per flight for larger aircraft.” Some changes are scheduled to go into effect May 1, while others will become effective September 1. A new daily charge for aircraft weighing 6,614 pounds or less using major international airports has been delayed until March 1, 2008.