EBACE Convention News

Jet Aviation builds luxury into 787 and A350

 - November 28, 2006, 5:28 AM

Business aviation devotees are increasingly tapping into the expertise of other industries catering to the high-end marketplace to find news ways to improve their products. One of the latest examples of this is here at the EBACE show, in the form of 1:25-scale mockups of Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus 350 cabin interiors at Jet Aviation’s exhibit.

Zurich-based Jet Aviation has partnered with yacht and corporate-aircraft interior designer Peder Eidsgaard on the interiors. “The client base for corporate aircraft is getting younger and there is increasing demand for contemporary design. We wanted to show what we could do,” said Rainer Albecker, senior vice president and general manager of Jet Aviation Basel, which would do the work. Eidsgaard Design is based in London.

The joint Eidsgaard/Jet Aviation design team produced an open cabin interior with long sightlines and traffic zones comprising 24 seats, 14 of which can be used as sofas or relining chairs after takeoff. An additional 10 beds are available.

Perhaps the most dramatic feature of the interior is a cinema lounge, the likes of which have before been seen only in yacht interiors. The room has raised-level seating, a pop-up 60-foot-diameter plasma screen television and a loft-style mezzanine daybed. To ensure privacy, the theater is positioned in a cul-de-sac, accessible only via a hallway.

Other design features include a dining room with seating for eight and its own pantry and a large master bedroom with a separate lobby. A large mirror in the bedroom hides another plasma screen television.

Jet Aviation Basel designs and installs custom interiors for all sizes of business jets and airliners as large as the 747-400.