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Preflight Planning Eased with Ac-u-Kwik

 - November 28, 2006, 12:05 PM

Flight planning guide publisher Ac-u-Kwik (Booth No. 1036) has announced that its 2006/07 World Edition will be available in early August. The new edition will have over 1,000 pages of updated and expanded airport, FBO and services information, including hotel, telephone and fax numbers and, for the first time, FBO addresses on airport diagrams.

The new edition will include an accompanying CD-ROM, its Windows-based software program providing easy access to the publisher’s global database through user-friendly search features. Other enhancements include passport, visa and health requirements to allow pilots, dispatchers and trip planners to build a complete picture for each destination. A variety of changes to the publication’s Web site include additional forms and conversion tables, hotel e-mail and Web sites, aviation links and an e-newsletter center.