EBACE Convention News

Stratas seats, LED lights are displayed

 - November 28, 2006, 11:52 AM

B/E Aerospace (Booth No. 528), a leading manufacturer of cabin interior products for both airliners and business jets, is highlighting its lightweight Stratas passenger seat and new flex-arm LED reading light, along with other products, here at EBACE.

The newest Stratas model is for the Gulfstream G150, according to Michelle Stone, director of marketing. Also on display is a similar seat for the Falcon 7X. Designed to recline to the 180-degree position, the Stratas seats extend to 80 inches when fully flat. As the back reclines, the seat bottom and footrest move in unison to cradle the body in a “Z” lounge position.

Other features of the Stratas seat include a six-way adjustable headrest and self-actuated legrest that eliminates the gap between the legrest and bottom cushion. Both mechanically and electrically controlled versions of the seat are available.

B/E Aerospace is moving all its classic lighting products, such as reading, wash and cockpit lights, to LED, said Fred Escheu, manager of commercial accounts. Here in Geneva the company is showing for the first time its new flex-arm reading light designed for business jet cabins. Also on display is its digital LED mood lighting, certified for airliners and airliner-derived business jets, including the Boeing Business Jet and Airbus Corporate Jetliner. Escheu said the company has delivered about 50 shipsets of its mood-lighting system.

The advantages of LED aircraft lighting over other lighting include longevity, lower power consumption, less maintenance, high dispatch reliability and low electromagnetic interference.

B/E Aerospace’s LED lighting systems also include a patented temperature-compensation circuitry that maintains the longevity and quality of each LED. It adjusts the current input in the event of extreme high temperature conditions and also prevents a cascade effect where the failure of a single LED may result in the failure of many.