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Embraer creates Executive Care maintenance for growing family

 - November 29, 2006, 6:37 AM

Embraer has launched its new Executive Care program to support its fast-growing family of business aircraft. he initiative is a power-by-the-hour-style customer-support program designed to eliminate unpleasant surprises from the maintenance cost equation. Expanded from the Total Legacy Care program created for Legacy buyers, the new program fits a variety of operational profiles, offering greater flexibility, according to Embraer.

Executive Care will cover costs related to scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, OEM parts replacement and maintenance tracking and control. Depending on their needs, customers can choose a comprehensive coverage program that includes parts and labor or a partial plan covering only parts.

Payments for operators enrolled in the program are based on a formula that calculates the number of hours flown during a given month multiplied by a predetermined hourly fee. Besides the ability to better estimate maintenance budgets, the program gives customers 24/7 access to Embraer engineers, technical experts and personnel at authorized service centers around the world.

Embraer’s only current-production business aircraft is the Legacy 600. However, it is now developing a comprehensive product portfolio that will start with the Phenom 100 very light jet, progressing up through the Phenom 300 light jet to the new Lineage 1000 large-cabin aircraft announced here at the EBACE show this week. It has declared its intention to launch further new aircraft to plug gaps between these products.