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Low-cost In-flight Medical Service

 - November 29, 2006, 4:53 AM

Advice from doctors on the ground during a medical episode aloft is no longer the preserve of people riding in top-of-the-line business jets, following an agreement between AirCell and MedAire announced here at EBACE yesterday. The “MedLink Powered by AirCell” program is available to anyone who uses an AirCell satcom aboard his light (and heavier) business jet.

Using speed dialing from their AirCell satcom system, passengers and crew can talk directly to emergency-room physicians at MedAire’s 24/7 MedLink Global Response Center. With special training in remote airborne diagnosis and treatment, the physicians provide real-time advice to help people manage medical concerns that occur aboard their aircraft. MedAire handles more than 75 in-flight incidents every day.