EBACE Convention News

Paygasus Guarantees Charter Payments

 - November 29, 2006, 5:55 AM

Tired of having to pay charter fees in full in cash up front when booking short-notice charter flights? Well, Austrian EBACE 2006 exhibitor Paygasus Business Solutions may have the answer in what it describes as the “first cashless payment solution for business charter flights.” Claiming that a high proportion of international d-hoc business charter flights do not depart because of delayed payment or occur only with operators accepting unwanted risk, Paygasus provides guaranteed full payment in combination with immediate booking availability.

Its “electronic commerce payment solution” can be used with any operator and includes access to global business aviation operators and brokers directory along with provision for single inquiries eliciting flight requests from multiple providers. Paygasus is cooperating with Vienna’s Bank Medici to guarantee 100-percent payment by “ultra-high-net-worth” customers to brokers and operators for charter flights within five minutes.