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Rotary-wing market attracts new analysts

 - November 29, 2006, 4:50 AM

Two companies well known for supplying market data to the business aviation industry have turned their attention to the helicopter market, but they will be using different lenses to compose the picture.

Amstat (Booth No. 920) has decided to use a telephoto and narrow its focus to what it describes as “a truly researched and regularly updated market research solution covering the worldwide turbine helicopter fleet and market.” The service provides “researched contacts for the true operators of the fleet, detailed transaction activity by aircraft and by market and a thoroughly researched, verified and ‘cleaned’ list of aircraft for sale.”

The Tinton Falls, New Jersey-based firm says that its Amstat Helicopter Service provides a more focused picture of a select group of helicopter types rather than “everything and anything built.”

JetNet/AvData (Booth No. 941) will be using a wider-angle lens and including piston-powered machines in its portraits of the helicopter market, tracking some “25,000 rotary-wing airframes around the globe.” The Utica, New York-based company claims its new helicopter service is the “largest and most complete civil helicopter database available, encompassing piston- and turbine-powered helicopters worldwide.” JetNet’s helicopter data provides owner/operator information, base location, interior and exterior photos and airframe and powerplant specifications.