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AirData to launch flight-planning software package

 - November 30, 2006, 6:21 AM

AirData, the flight planning specialist, is preparing to launch its new SwiftOps.com online flight planning and crew briefing system this fall. The new software is intended to automate as much of the flight planning process as possible, reducing crew workload during busy operations without compromising the operational control of crews.

SwiftOps.com will include a wide array of features: data and access control, integration with other operational systems, recurrent training, a consolidated message center, content management and electronic flight folder support. The multilingual system will even be able to monitor levels of cosmic radiation during a proposed flight. It will run on a highly secure and dedicated data center, with several levels of redundancy against power or Internet-connection failures.

As a subsidiary of Miami-based World Fuel Services Corp. AirData is a sister company to flight planning and handling support group Baseops International. The UK-based firm has developed flight planning systems for several major airline clients and has produced formats that are compatible with the Airbus electronic flight folder system. Acceptance trials for SwiftOps.com are now under way.