Singapore Air Show

Ruag Aerospace Services To Modify G550

 - December 6, 2006, 10:25 AM

Ruag Aerospace Services (Stand A221-04) is about to convert a Gulfstream 550 into an atmospheric research aircraft. The German DLR Aerospace Center will use it for its high-altitude, long-range program, dubbed Halo. U.S. manufacturer Gulfstream subcontracted the modification work to Ruag, and is to deliver the aircraft to it on April 24.

The work will be performed at its Oberpfaffenhofen facility in southern Germany from May 2006 to December 2007. It is to include the installation of a nose mast and a modified tailcone. Six external points will be integrated to accommodate sensor containers and spray tanks. Technicians will add a separate electrical supply, an independent line network for mission equipment and six external camera