Dubai Air Show

Hawker lineage flies on with the new 850XP

 - December 11, 2006, 6:36 AM

Raytheon Aircraft this month announced the Hawker 850XP and–true to form–the airplane is an evolution of the Hawker 800XPi, which is itself a recently  revealed enhanced version of the Hawker 800XP that is in turn a derivative of the Hawker 800.

In fact, the new, winglet-equipped Hawker 850XP traces its lineage (and type certificate) all the way back to the original de Havilland DH-125, which first flew in 1962, giving the model bragging rights as the world’s longest-running business jet production program.

Winglets Help

The 30-inch winglets developed in-house by Raytheon for the Hawker 850XP improve range and speed, but not to the same degree as the winglets developed by Aviation Partners for the Hawker 800. Whereas the 850XP’s range is increased by 4 percent, from 2,540 nm to 2,642 nm thanks to winglets, the Hawker 800 with Aviation Partners’ blended winglets has an IFR range of 2,720 nm. Aviation Partners also claims an 18-knot speed increase at cruise altitude, while the 850XP gains three knots at FL390, increasing from 434 knots to 437 knots. At $13.65 million, the price of the Hawker 850XP is about the same as that of the 800XPi.

In a move to identify all the Hawker products by a model number, Raytheon has renamed the Hawker Horizon as the Hawker 4000. This new mid-size twinjet has had a difficult gestation over a 10-year development period, but Raytheon expects to receive final certification by the end of the year. A total of 11 units are projected to be delivered in 2006.

Raytheon’s Beechcraft line has also benefitted from improvements added in 2005, including an extended-range special missions variant of the King Air 350 twin turboprop, dubbed the 350ER, which offers overland and marine radars (HISAR and Sea Vue) from Raytheon SAS. The smaller King Air C90GT delivers a 25-knot increase in maximum cruise speed and a better climb rate. The piston-powered Bonanza and Baron are being equipped with Garmin G1000 avionics suites, including the GFC 700 autopilot, to produce the G36 Bonanza and G58 Baron.

Aircraft displayed in the static park here in Dubai are the Hawker 400XP, 800XP and 1000 models, Premier I and beech King Air B200.