NTSB Asks for TAWS on Turbine Helicopters

 - January 8, 2007, 10:38 AM

As a result of the Era Aviation Sikorsky S-76++ crash, the NTSB asked the FAA to require terrain awareness and warning systems (TAWS) on all U.S.-registered turbine helicopters that are certified to carry at least six passengers. The Safety Board said TAWS “would have given the pilots enough time to arrest their descent and save the lives of all aboard.” When the FAA required TAWS on turbine airplanes carrying six or more passengers, the technology was not available to helicopters, but it is now. The Board also asked that FDRs be required on large commercial helicopters, and CVRs should be checked during preflight and have a periodic maintenance check. It was also recommended that the FAA improve flight following in areas such as the Gulf of Mexico, where there is little radar coverage.