Airmen: Say Bye Bye to Paper Certificates

 - January 9, 2007, 11:33 AM

Under FAA rulemaking proposed Friday, two years after a final rule becomes effective, paper pilot certificates could no longer be used and five years after the final rule becomes effective, certain other paper airmen certificates, such as those of flight engineers and mechanics, could no longer be used. Instead, after those respective dates, airmen would have to hold “upgraded, counterfeit-resistant plastic certificates,” like the ones the FAA has been issuing since 2003. There would be a $2 fee to upgrade. In addition, those who transfer ownership of U.S.-registered aircraft would have five days from the transaction to notify the FAA Aircraft Registry. Those who apply for aircraft registration would have to include their printed or typed name with their signature. The FAA said these requirements are intended to assist law-enforcement agencies in their effort to combat drug smuggling in general aviation aircraft, but the agency didn’t explain how. Comments are due March 6.