Airplane OEMs Report a Record Year

 - January 9, 2007, 6:03 AM

The general aviation industry in 2005 reached an all-time record for billings and a four-year high in new turbine airplane deliveries. According to the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, billings of $15.1 billion on the shipment of 3,580 piston and turbine airplanes last year was a 27.2-percent increase from the $11.9 billion on the shipment of 2,963 airplanes in 2004. The 750 business jets delivered last year was nearly 27 percent more than the 591 shipped in 2004 and the most since 2001, when 795 jets were delivered. Shipment of 279 pressurized turboprops last year was nearly 14 percent more than the 245 in 2004 and the largest number since 2001, when 332 pressurized turboprops were shipped. “Our growth shows that general aviation continues to have a dramatic impact on the way the world does business,” said GAMA president and CEO Peter Bunce. “As the worldwide economy expands and becomes evermore interdependent, general aviation will play an ever increasing role in making business soar.”