Cessna’s Pelton Outlines FAA Funding Solution

 - January 9, 2007, 4:06 AM

In a speech today at the Wings Club in New York City, Cessna chairman, president and CEO Jack Pelton unveiled a central strategy for business aviation’s counteroffensive against user fees. He outlined what he described as five myths and realities about FAA reauthorization and funding. Myth one: the mechanisms for funding the FAA are broken; myth two, funding overhaul is needed to pay for modernization and to cover revenue shortfalls from the declining airline ticket tax; myth three, GA doesn’t pay its “fair share;” myth four, user fees will provide stable and predictable funding for the FAA; and myth five–which he labeled a “classic red herring”–the very light jet is going to place a new and undue burden on the ATC system. In proposing solutions, he said that because every American benefits from air transportation a contribution of at least 30 percent for the FAA from the general fund is appropriate; second, modernize with satellite and other technologies to increase efficiency; third, keep the current revenue structure–including GA’s fuel taxes; fourth, reject user fees for GA; and fifth, ensure continuing Congressional authority.