Winglets Are a Go for the Falcon 7X

 - January 9, 2007, 5:38 AM

Dassault has locked in its decision to push the Falcon 7X’s range from 5,700 nm to 6,000 nm and boost payload by 50 percent. The design improvements to the trijet include the installation of additional fuel tanks, an increase in thrust for the Pratt & Whitney Canada 307A turbofans and incorporation of Dassault-designed winglets. After wind-tunnel testing early in the 7X program, winglets were rejected. But after deciding to increase range, Dassault said “flight tests last fall confirmed winglet benefits, especially during long-range flights.” Separately, due to “better than expected natural damping,” a secondary rudder on the lower fin of the 7X has been removed, allowing a “more optimized shaping of the lower fin.” Finally, Dassault said it has redesigned the bleed-air system to “meet an unanticipated request by the FAA.” Certification of the 7X is expected early next year.