Boots on Struts, Cargo Pods Ordered for Caravans

 - January 10, 2007, 12:23 PM

Deicing boots must be installed on the landing gear struts and cargo pods of several hundred Cessna Caravans approved for flight into icing under an AD published today. The directive (AD 2006-01-11), which also requires changes to the airplane flight manual and installation on virtually all Caravans of an assist handle to check for icing on top of the wings, stems from the FAA’s investigation into several fatal and nonfatal accidents involving Caravans in icing conditions. The effective date of the AD is February 22, and the flight manual changes must be made before further flight after that date. Operators must comply with the remaining provisions of the AD by June 27. This is the second AD to result from the FAA’s investigation into Caravan icing accidents and incidents. A March 2005 directive called for more stringent visual and tactile preflight inspections during icing conditions.