Judge Orders Release of Turboprop Prototype

 - January 10, 2007, 5:13 AM

Last week, a federal judge ruled that Epic Aircraft parent Aircraft Investor Resources (AIR) must provide Farnborough Aircraft Corp. Ltd. (FACL) “with immediate access to the F1 prototype at the heart” of a lawsuit filed in November (see AINonline). Under the judgment, AIR was required to transport the prototype F1 to its Bend, Ore. plant, after which it will have until early March to mate a set of wings to FACL’s turboprop single. In addition, AIR and FACL are prohibited from disclosing any proprietary information gleaned from the joint design agreement to any third party without court or arbitrator consent, or the express written agreement of all involved parties. The judge has also prohibited the removal of the aircraft from Oregon without his consent. An arbitration hearing is set for March 20.