FAA To Mandate ADS-B by 2020

 - January 12, 2007, 4:16 AM

The FAA is preparing a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) to require automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) equipage for aircraft to gain access to certain airspace by 2020, said FAA associate administrator for aviation safety Nicholas Sabatini. Sabatini made the comments during a speech at the FAA’s New Technologies Workshop on Tuesday in Washington. Though the FAA has not officially said which airspace will require equipage, RTCA ADS-B Work Group co-chairman Ken Speir said to expect the rules to closely mimic today’s mode-C transponder requirements. Speir said the scheduled NPRM release is September, but “that’s the aggressive target.” Don’t expect the final rule to be signed until 2010, Speir added. “You need 10 years for the industry to equip.” Sabatini also said the FAA is moving forward on a plan to award a contract for national ADS-B coverage. Lockheed Martin has already announced its bidding team for the contract.