Gulfstream Sets All-time High Delivery Record

 - January 25, 2007, 9:00 AM

Gulfstream delivered 113 green jets last year, 27 percent more than the 89 shipped in 2005 and exceeding by 12 the previous record of 101 deliveries set in 2001. Orders also increased by about 27 percent. According to year-end figures released yesterday by Gulfstream parent General Dynamics (GD), Gulfstream last year took orders for 159 aircraft compared to 124 in 2005. “Gulfstream is performing at optimum levels in almost all respects,” said GD chairman and CEO Nicholas Chabraja. “In 2007 we expect Gulfstream to again experience considerable sales growth of between 17 and 18 percent.” The expanding market is being driven by increased demand from outside of North America, said Chabraja. He said last year 42 percent of sales were by non-North American customers; in 2005 it was 34 percent and in 2004 it was 30 percent. The company last year shipped 71 “large aircraft” (G350 through G550) and it is “scheduled” to produce 79 large aircraft this year; 82 next year and 83 in 2009.