DOT Seeks Comments on Air-taxi Disclosure Rules

 - January 26, 2007, 10:19 AM

In an advance notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) published today, the DOT is seeking input from interested parties on a 2006 NTSB recommendation calling for air taxi’s to be required to disclose operational control information to customers. The recommendation stems from the Safety Board’s investigation into the crash of a Challenger 600 at Montrose, Colo., on Nov. 24, 2004. Specifically, the DOT wants comments on the recommendation that customers be advised, “at the time they contract for a flight,” of:

(1) The name of the company with operational control of the flight;

(2) any “doing business as” names contained in such company’s Operations Specifications;

(3) the name of the aircraft owner; and

(4) the name of any broker involved in arranging the flight. The Safety Board also recommended that customers be “updated thereafter in the event such information changes.”

The DOT said it will “evaluate the comments to determine what, if any, changes to its [Part 298] economic rules applicable to on-demand air taxi operators should be made.” Comments are due March 27.