Overhaul of FAA Designee Program Concluded

 - February 12, 2007, 6:09 AM

Effective November 14, the FAA will implement its organization delegation authorization (ODA) program that will replace the current designee program. The new ODA program, proposed in January 2004, expands the functions that designees may perform, permits non-FAA-certified individuals and organizations to become designees and does away with the existing designee categories. Under the far-reaching changes, current designated airworthiness inspectors, maintenance inspectors, engineers and other designees would have until November 2009 to transition their credentials to qualify for the new designation. The General Aviation Manufacturers Association said the ODA program is a “win-win situation for both the FAA and industry.” According to the FAA, “the effect of this program will be to increase the efficiency with which the FAA appoints and oversees designee organizations, and allow the FAA to concentrate its resources on the most safety-critical matters.”