CVR Reveals Icing Problem in Circuit City Citation Crash

 - February 16, 2007, 5:46 AM

According to transcripts just released by the NTSB, cockpit voice recordings of the Circuit City Cessna Citation 560 (N500AT) that crashed in Pueblo, Colo., on Feb. 16, indicate that the two pilots tried to get rid of ice accumulation as they approached Pueblo Municipal Airport for a refueling stop. On descent, the copilot noticed ice on the leading edge, “not the real white ice like...yesterday, it’s more of a grayish,” he observed, adding “the descent accumulation comes a little bit different than the climb.” The pilot-in-command agreed: “A whole lot faster in the descent.” While the aircraft executed a vector around a regional jet, the copilot noted the ice had turned clear. “Open up those valves all the way,” said the captain. Cleared for the approach, the copilot noted, “Ignition is on with the anti-ice, now it’s on for sure.” Then the cockpit microphone picked up the warning, “Bank angle, bank angle.” The Citation crashed four miles short of Runway 26R at PUB. All eight people on board were killed.