Eclipse’s Relationship with Avidyne Terminated

 - March 5, 2007, 9:11 AM

VLJ developer Eclipse Aviation announced last week that its relationship with avionics supplier Avidyne has ended. Eclipse plans to announce shortly which companies will supply components for the Model 500’s Avio integrated avionics system. AIN has been told by a source close to the process that Honeywell will be sharing the job with another specialist, thought to be Innovative Solutions & Support (IS&S). Also, the FAA Flight Standardization Board (FSB) this week released its draft Eclipse 500 report, which specifies “master training, checking and currency requirements applicable to flight crews.” Certain mandatory training prerequisites include studying jet operations and single-pilot resource management; a Myers-Briggs type indicator test complete with a psychologist’s review of the results; and emergency procedures training (physiological and hypoxia training and upset training in Eclipse’s L-39 jet training airplane). All Part 91 pilots will be required to participate in Eclipse’s mentoring program. The FSB report noted that the FAA considers the Eclipse a centerline-thrust twin “since no VMC speed is published,” and pilots who are not multiengine rated will have a limitation placed on their type rating specifying centerline thrust only.