Stevens Aims for Learjet 35s To Last Forever

 - March 15, 2007, 11:43 AM

As Stevens Aviation’s Memphis, Tenn. facility nears certification of a Universal EFI-890R synthetic vision glass panel in the Learjet 25, the company is embarking on a similar project–with added features–for the Learjet 35 series. The Stevens Aviation “Learjet 35 Forever” modification will include the EFI-890R avionics, Raisbeck Engineering’s ZR Lite and locker systems, a fresh interior and Avcon’s RVSM solution. “We like to think it’s competitive with a new Learjet 40,” said Ivan Wilson, Stevens Aviation vice president for engineering and certification, “at less than half the cost with similar range and mission capability.” The Learjet 35’s new avionics suite will be much lighter, Wilson added, thanks to removal of the jet’s heavy “iron” gyros and instruments and a new wiring harness. Stevens’ Denver base will perform the Learjet 35 Forever modifications. The company has not yet set pricing for the program.