AOPA Says FAA Addressing Wrong MU-2 ’Problem’

 - April 4, 2007, 12:04 PM

“The MU-2B turboprop does not need yet another certification review,” according to AOPA. Reacting to congressional pressure, the FAA is “rushing to fix a problem that has not even been quantified.” The issue stems from two recent accidents involving MU-2Bs at Denver Centennial Airport. That led to a demand from Colorado lawmakers that the FAA investigate the safety of the twin turboprop. As previously reported, the agency said it plans to conduct a safety evaluation investigation. But in AOPA’s opinion, the FAA should instead review the possible causes of accidents that might be attributed to pilot error. “Operational safety and training initiatives should be conducted by the FAA,” said AOPA. The association pointed out, as did AINalerts, that in addition to the original certification process for the MU-2B, the FAA reevaluated the aircraft in at least two separate reviews. In all of these examinations the airplane was determined to be safe and airworthy.