Safety Board: BBJ Blindsided GIV at Newark

 - April 4, 2007, 12:30 PM

According to the NTSB’s factual report of the March 16 ground collision at the Signature Flight Support ramp at Newark Liberty International Airport, a Boeing Business Jet started to taxi without ground assistance and then hit a GIV preparing to taxi with ground assistance. The Safety Board reported that, “according to an FAA inspector, ground personnel were in place to assist the Gulfstream for its taxi out of the ramp area. The Boeing began to taxi out of the ramp area without ground personnel assisting. As the Boeing converged on the parked Gulfstream, the ground personnel at the Gulfstream attempted to get the attention of the Boeing flight crew; however, the left winglet of the Boeing struck the rudder of the Gulfstream,” causing “substantial damage.” No one was injured. The FAA inspector added, “Although the flightcrew of the Boeing reported that they had assistance from ground personnel, review of a security camera recording revealed that they did not.” The BBJ, N50TC, is registered to Tracinda Corp. of Beverly Hills, Calif., and the Gulfstream is registered to Hewlett Packard of San Jose, Calif.