FAA Asked To Delay September 2 Insulation Rule

 - April 9, 2007, 12:29 PM

Seven industry trade groups are asking the FAA to delay by six months the effective date–currently September 2–of new flammability requirements for aircraft insulation. In a letter sent to the FAA last Wednesday, the groups claimed that they hadn’t been concerned with the new rule–adopted July 31, 2003–until the June 24 publication of an advisory circular intended to provide compliance guidelines. With the issuance of AC 25.856-1, “It became clear that the rule was being applied to every insulating material in the fuselage of every Part 25 aircraft to include hard components, wiring bundles, tape, hook-and loop-fasteners and every piece of installed equipment with insulation,” the letter reads. The associations believe that the final rule and guidance “exceed the scope” of what “we believe was originally intended. It is clear that the rule was intended to apply to insulating blankets.” The rule should not require the “replacement of the thousands of affected piece parts within an aircraft that may contain insulating materials.” The letter is signed by NBAA, the National Air Transportation Association, the Aeronautical Repair Station Association, the Aircraft Electronics Association, the Aviation Suppliers Association, the Experimental Aircraft Association and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association.