Few Bizjet Models are 100-percent RVSM Compliant

 - April 9, 2007, 11:43 AM

Nearly seven months after domestic RVSM went into effect only four aircraft models have reached 100-percent fleet compliance with RVSM requirements–the Gulfstream G100, Learjet 45 and Citation CJ2 and X. According to data current as of August 1 provided to AIN by technical and engineering services company CSSI in Washington, D.C., newer business jets–those manufactured within the last 10 years–generally have a higher level of compliance with RVSM requirements than older business jets, as might be expected. Models that are 95 percent or more compliant include the G200, several newer Citations, all Challengers and Globals except the Global 5000, all Falcons except the 10 and 20 and several Learjets, including the Model 31. Business jets with 60 percent or less compliance include the Citation I/ISP, Global 5000, Falcon 10 and 20, Hawker 125, JetStar I/II, Learjet 24/25/28/29, Mitsubishi Diamond and Sabreliner 75/80. The Piaggio Avanti, with 82 percent of the fleet compliant, is by far the leader among turboprops.