First Production Mustang Takes to the Air

 - April 9, 2007, 7:27 AM

One month ahead of schedule, the first Citation Mustang production aircraft (S/N 0001) took to the air on Monday. The very light jet (VLJ) flew exactly two hours, performing basic systems and avionics checks, including engaging the autopilot, testing handling characteristics, operating the gear and flaps, activating the de-ice system and evaluating engine response and performance. Three Mustangs will be dedicated to certification flight testing–the Mustang prototype and S/Ns 0001 and 0002. The Mustang prototype, which made its maiden flight April 23, and has logged more than 230 flight hours, completed envelope expansion and the initial development of aircraft systems and aerodynamic flight characteristics. Mustang S/N 0001 will be used primarily for avionics development and certification. “We expect to achieve FAA certification in the fourth quarter of 2006,” said Russ Meyer III, Mustang program manager. “Having the first Mustang production unit enter the program early will certainly enhance our progress toward achieving that goal.” The $2.553 million Pratt & Whitney Canada PW615-powered twinjet was announced at the 2002 NBAA Convention. Cessna says its has orders for more than 230 Mustangs.