Honeywell Aerospace Revamping Product Support

 - April 9, 2007, 1:25 PM

Honeywell Aerospace has appointed Adrian Paull v-p of customer and product support as part of its reorganization to improve product support and customer service. Paull told AIN Tuesday that the major restructuring that will consolidate operations into three business segments–airline, business and general aviation, and space and defense–is part of a “big push to simplify and improve customer support.” For example, Honeywell has established a single telephone number customers can call for “all product-support inquiries (800-421-2133).” Most of the other changes should be accomplished over the “next three to six months,” Paull said. The shakeup at Honeywell comes on the heels of Rob Gillette’s appointment as president and CEO of the aerospace division based in Phoenix. In the 2005 AIN Product Support Survey, Honeywell’s overall ratings placed it first in turboprop support among three engine manufacturers and fourth among six turbofan builders. Among 16 avionics products, Honeywell placed sixth (not including its Bendix/King, Flitefone, or Global Wulfsberg products, which were in 10th and 11th place).