NBAA Searches for New Convention Site

 - April 9, 2007, 7:25 AM

There will be no NBAA Convention or any other major conventions in New Orleans this year. In the aftermath of the unbelievable destruction of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans officials said it could take months before residents, let alone visitors, would be allowed back into the devastated city. An official at the New Orleans Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau told The Wall Street Journal that the city is asking other big convention towns to take its meetings this year “in exchange for some they have scheduled in 2006.” In acknowledging the necessity to move its convention, NBAA expressed sympathy for the citizens of New Orleans, and pledged to provide charitable assistance to the city in the coming weeks. “The association will also give convention exhibitors and attendees an opportunity to express their generosity while at the event.” As far as a new convention location is concerned, the association said it is looking at cities “that can accommodate us on the same dates that we already have planned. However, we recognize that that might not be possible. We are working to make the decision as expeditiously as possible, but we know we need to stay focused on how to preserve the best possible event for our exhibitors and attendees.”